Frugal Luxe product of the week

I’ve been wanting to write about a luxurious yet frugal find I recently discovered for a while now, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to kick off a new department. Each week I’ll highlight a Frugal Luxe product that feels, looks and acts like a high end counterpart, but for much less coin.

I recently discovered Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Hair Conditioner for dry damaged hair, $3.99 and I’m head over heels. As I mentioned in earlier hair-related posts, I have wavy, dry, frizzy locks that need all the moisture they can get and my strands just drink this creamy elixir of avocado, shea and olive oil up. I normally have to blow dry and straighten before my hair can look decent, but with this Garnier product my hair will air dry to a cascade of shiny, sleek waves. Once upon a time I splurged and tried Kerastase Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner, $32 and I have to admit that I got much better results with this gem. Bonus: it doesn’t contain silicones.

It has mixed reviews on Makeup Alley so it may not be good for those with finer tresses but if you’re on the market for a new conditioner, I’d give it a go.


Hey, have you stumbled across any frugal luxe products lately?


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