wake up to waves: modern-day pin curls

© fotoduki/ Crestock

Want gorgeous curls but don’t want to destroy your hair (not to mention your savings) with curling irons, rollers and perms in the process? Go back to basics and do what the screen sirens of the 1940s did: twirl sections of your hair into coils, get some zzzs and wake up to a headful of cascading tresses.

I came across the old school method when I was looking for a way to style my hair before bed so I’d wake up looking polished. I mentioned the discovery to my hairdresser and he was impressed that I’d caught on to what he says is a stylist’s best-kept secret; Pin curls were the first thing he learned in hairdressing school. With all of the pricey gadgets, tools and products out there, who knew they were  an essential part of a trendy hairdresser’s arsenal?

The original pin curl method involves wrapping hair into mulitple tight coils around the head resulting in a 1940’s screen siren ‘do a la Christina Aguilera (check out stylist-to-the-stars Kevin Pave’s video here to get that look). But for big, bouncy, volumptuous waves like Beyonce’s, today’s pin curl method twists hair into just a few large coils.

Here’s how to get modern waves :

1)      In the evening, shampoo and condition hair.

2)      Part hair in the center, or to the side; however you plan on wearing it the following day.

3)      Distribute a dime size amount of curl enhancer, such as Morrocan Oil Intense Curl Cream, from root to tip.

4)      Allow hair to air dry until almost completely dry, but still slightly damp.

5)        Take one four-inch section of hair and wrap it into a coil flat against the head. Secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins. Repeat until your entire head is pinned up. Do not twist the hair before coiling it.

6)      Allow to dry overnight.

7)      Wake up and remove pins to release curls. Finger style (do not brush) and spray with light hold hairspray such as Toustle me Softly from Herbal Essences.

If you want tighter curls, coil hair into two inch sections. You may have to experiment a few times to get the look you’re looking for, but try it!

What’s your overnight  hair styling secret?


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