the secret skincare companies don’t want you to know

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Want better skin? Forget pricey lotions, potions and treatments, because when it comes to your face, you really are what you eat. Even celebrity dermatologist Dr. Perricone, who has every reason to push his uber expensive skincare line, admits that at the end of the day, your diet plays a crucial role in the look of your skin.

 A few months ago, after years of frustration and getting nowhere with dermatologists, prescriptions and treatments for acne, I began to incorporate some of Dr. P’s good old-fashioned advice about diet and lifestyle which he discusses in a Goop newsletter.

After I made the simple dietary adjustments, it didn’t take long for me to notice huge changes in my skin. Gone were the painful cysts that would pop up on my neck and along my jawline every week. Ditto for the wasteland of brail-like bumps that used to live on the planes of my forehead.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, my face is smooth. Friends ask me what I’m doing differently. So I tell them, and now I’ll tell you, because I believe these tips can save you hours of frustration and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars:

 1)    I started eating one green apple a day. Green apples contain the anti-inflammatory quercitin, which prevents acne, according to Dr. Perricone.

 2)    I boosted my Omega-3 intake, by eating fish (especially salmon) 3 times a week, purchasing Omega-3 eggs and taking an Omega 3 multivitamin. In her book The Natural Makeover Diet, Toronto dietician Joey Shulman raves about Omega-3s. She says they do wonders for hair, skin and nails, because they keep cells supple and help the body absorb nutrients from fruits and veggies. 

 3)    I replaced cow’s milk with almond milk. Studies show that reducing cow’s milk can help battle breakouts and almond milk is a great alternative, since the almonds provide extra Omega-3s. 

 4)    I stopped eating my daily afternoon snack of instant oatmeal. Dr. Perricone recommends eating the good old-fashioned slow cooked stuff instead, since instant oatmeal contributes to inflammation. 

 5)    I began eating more Vitamin A-rich leafy greens, especially spinach and collard greens. These help normalize oil production and help control acne, according to Dr. P.

So before you drop $60 on your next bottle of face cream, why not buy a bunch of spinach for $2? Or if you want to go all out, you can even try Dr. Perricone’s 3 Day Skincare Diet which has been called an at-home facelift. Or simply incorporate more skin-loving foods into your life. 

 What are your inexpensive beautiful skin secrets?


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